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in search of eternal sunshine

obession with detail

Don't be fooled by the simple aesthetic of our maxi-dress.  It takes our skilled seamstresses some 10 hours to create.

The silk is washed before the painstaking task of carefully cutting on the grain (if it isn't the dress just doesn't hang right).

Next, our seamstresses sew the handrolled hems, giving the dress a luxe and vintage feel. Then the chartwellandg hand-embroidered white signature detail is sewn in the bottom corner of the dress.

The french seams* are created, and finally, the straps are threaded through - using our soft and supple handmade plaited white leather belt.

The result is a maxi-dress that looks and feels beautiful. With a garment this pared back, perfection is the only goal.

We're obsessed with detail.

*Did you know that a french seam is actually two seams, leaving a very neat appearance encasing the edges of the silk?